[Ubuntu-SG] Software Freedom Day 2008

Muhammad Heidir dave33bravo at yahoo.com.sg
Wed Aug 20 15:21:37 BST 2008

Hi guys,

I just came back from Singapore Linux Meetup Group meeting. Here are
some of the details:

For us:

        - Team Ubuntu Singapore has a booth
        - We have 200 Ubuntu CDs ready to be distributed

The Event:

        - Novell and Red Hat are the main sponsors
        - Novell will be distributing Official T-Shirts for the
        - Red Hat will be distributing Official Caps
        - There are a total of 15 booths
        - Intel will be showcasing Moblin (based on Ubuntu) a PC-like
        portable device
        - There will be talks given by various companies
        - Contests
        - Games
        - Advertising and publicity is being done (newpapers, magazines,
        websites, tv ,radio)
        - Posters will be available by end of this week (22 August 2008)
        for distribution
        - Scouts will be in and around SMU and it neighbourhood area to
        promote the event on actual day
        - Install-fest activity is currently being planned by SLMG
        - Hardware provided by Mucro Pte. Ltd.
        - Posters, flyers, banners will be available

What the Organizer need from us:

        - Our confirmed participation

What We need to do:

        - Tie down what we will be doing on Software Freedom Day
        - Any hardware requirements (I have the contact person in case
        we need additional laptops)
        - Main purpose of our participation
        - Contact Canonical and ask for sponsorship (requested by
        organizer) for merchandise or more CDs
        - Showcase Ubuntu as a consumer operating system (Red Hat and
        Novell are promoting Enterprise systems and servers)
        - Confirmation and coperation of all members

Guys, it seems that Darrel, the organizing committee has put so much
effort for this event. We are provided with the opportunity, even a
booth without us requesting or sponsoring, this is our chance to
showcase what Ubuntu is and what Team Ubuntu SIngapore represents. Let's
make this happen. All that is required is display and promote Ubuntu.

I hope we could schedule a meeting to discuss more details about this
event. How about this Sunday  (24 August 2008)?

Best Regards,
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