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Hi Chew EK,

2008/8/6 Chew EK <chew4097 at gmail.com>

> 1. I recently bought an Asus eeePC.  I already researched the eeePC's
> Xandros OS, and have decided to replace it with Ubuntu.  But before
> purchase, I wanted to see how knowledgeable the sales person was about
> Linux.  It came as no surprise that I was disappointed about her lack of
> knowledge.  In fact, while talking to the sales person, I noticed other
> browsing customers were more interested in the Windows version.

Will you be replacing Xandros with eeebuntu ?  Do share your experience.

It is normal for customers for customers who don't know better to prefer
windows.  But there are some promising signs.  A couple months back when I
bought a eeePC at Harvey Norman at Funan Square basement, the sales guy
there knew only the basics, but he was friendly and quick to learn.

> 2. I recently tried to edit a document in OpenOffice.  It was an old MS
> Word file, and I no longer have Windows and MSOffice installed in anything.
> Importing the document into OO resulted in a mess.  In the end, I resorted
> to re-typing the entire document in native OO format (odt file).  Then, I
> hit on another problem.  I couldn't send the odt file to anyone else.  I
> have to send a converted pdf instead.  But some of the recipients need a MS
> doc file, so I save a doc copy and send that.  Unfortunately, opening the
> doc in MSOffice showed some differences in formatting.  I have to borrow a
> friend's PC, and after many trial and errors, I finally got the odt and doc
> to be exactly the same.

Have you tried Abiword ?  OOo is good when you need the range of Office
apps.  Abiword is more focussed on just the word processing module and does
not offer the other office modules.  Personally, I use Abiword and Gnumeric
which meets most of my needs, and power up OOo only when I need to read the
occasional powerpoint.

The other option is Google Docs.  That way, you can share your documents
without the need to send large attachments everywhere.

> 3. A while back, I started this social group in ubuntuforums: Kiasu Ubuntu
> Users <http://ubuntuforums.org/group.php?groupid=167>.  Looking at the
> posts, you can see I am mainly talking to myself over there, lol.

Okay, I have signed up there but not frequented it much.  Will try to do so


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