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Muhammad Heidir dave33bravo at yahoo.com.sg
Wed Aug 6 17:16:30 BST 2008

Finally some life in the mailing list. Let's get to the discussion.

Actually, seeing Ubuntu adoption is great, personally, I feel that the
exposure that Singaporeans have towards Open Source Software barely
makes a ripple. I agree that  Microsoft penetration rate is very high
here, due to the fact that they want systems that just works. Even
schools are using Microsoft Office extensively.

I was hoping that with the new Office Open XML Document format which
just recently got approved by ISO, there should be minimum compatibility
issues, so that users are able to make a choice of using Microsoft
Office or other office productivity suites that support the format.

Somehow, or someway, there must be a way to inform the masses that,
there are choices besides having to choose a single-vendor to provide a
solution. Maybe distribution of information via flyers, like Microsoft
did once to urge users to purchase genuine windows. Thing is, is it
worth it? Are there any interested sponsors? Or we can combine and fork
out a dollar or two. Besides flyers, The best way to start is by telling
people about Open Source through personal blogs. I'm sure you guys have
Multiply, Facebook or Friendster accounts? That's the best way to start.
If we could just put in the effort, we could accomplish something in
In this way, we can make something foreign be known, maybe even spike
interest in getting to know more about free alternatives.

Apart from being free, we are making people understand that piracy is as
bad as stealing.

Well, here are my suggestions, no need to compete with it. The main
point is, if we help to promote, someday, people just might realize.

Best Regards,

On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 16:23 +0800, Chen Xiangpeng wrote:
> Oh hi,
> I personally been very dormant in the scene for the past 6 months due
> to a very busy work schedule. Not too sure what happened to the other
> guys :)
> As for your question about not being able to choose operating systems
> for your pc/laptops, rest assure that it's the same with almost every
> other country in the world. The only recent breakthrough came in the
> form of dell selling ubuntu loaded laptops as well as the eeepcs by
> asus, which also come preloaded with linux.
> As for the adoption of openoffice, even mindef is not adopting 100%.
> There are still machines with ms office licenses being deployed in
> mindef for the sake of interoperatiblity(LOL). As for a secure
> operating system, I do wish that mindef take a look at SELinux(google
> it :). Well, switching the entire organisation(which SAF claims is the
> largest in sg) is not an easy task. Re-training all users to use linux
> is another headache too.
> You might wanna check out the lugs mailing list. It's definitely more
> "alive" than this list :P
> XP

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