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Rykel rykel98 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 17:26:48 BST 2007

Hi Jeremy,

On 7/27/07, Jeremy Tan <jeremytanjm at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Rykel,
> The PCs you mentioned could have been running Liberta Linux, a Thai
> variant of Red Hat. (iirc)
> Interesting. Are they still selling Linux PCs there?

Actually, I would presume so, since Liberta, if I remember correctly, a Thai
government effort. Well, why not ask our friend Phet here?   : )

My friend was selling Liberta PCs in Carrefour etc. in Singapore sometime
> ago, but like most Linux efforts among the users, it did not fare too well
> and finally the project was called off.
> Hmm.. I didn't notice that. Perhaps I haven't been shopping all that much.
> :) Its an interesting effort nevertheless. I think time will tell.
> In my opinion, Windows is getting from bad to worse -- their user
> interface just doesn't cut it on the feature and usability side of things
> anymore. Linux is surely getting there, but slowly. This is a hard problem
> to fix though. I guess I am getting out of topic here, so I shall stop ;).
> Cheers,
> Jeremy Tan

Indeed one reason why I refuse to touch Windows Vista is the support for
DRM... btw, do you guys know that if you bought a COPY PROTECTED audio CD,
do not lose heart, because you can rip the songs right into OGG or MP3 using
Totem. That's one good reason to use Linux. hehe


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