[Ubuntu-SG] Request involvement in website maintenance.

Maung Myat Thu @ Billy Aung Myint billy at ubuntu.sg
Sat Jan 6 13:48:43 GMT 2007

On Saturday 06 January 2007 19:28, Tay Kai Yang wrote:

Hi Kai Yang ,

                     Its true that we don't actually talk alot here. I believe 
most or all of us are already on the LUGS list so its not much we can talk 
here that we can't do in LUGS. I suppose thats one of the very weak point of 
having a very specialist group.

                   Thanks for offering us to help out with the website :P Will 
email you the username/pass in private. Thank you very much!!!


> Hi people,
> I have joined the Ubuntu SG Mailing List for about 2 months(I think). It
> seems that there is very little involvement in this community group. I am
> thinking it's because we basically did not get enough time to know each
> other at all.
> I have seen the http://www.ubuntu.sg web, and since you are thinking of
> using Joomla.. I suggest we can add the community builder module to it, so
> it will look more like a "friendster" style of community web page. If you
> don't mind, can I assist in the website setup too?
> Regards
> Kaiyang

Singapore Ubuntu Team

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