[Ubuntu-SG] ubuntu.sg website update

Maung Myat Thu @ Billy Aung Myint billy at ubuntu.sg
Mon Oct 23 09:48:22 BST 2006

Hi Guys , 

                 I have registered ubuntu.sg and currently joomla has been 
installed over it. I will be updating the contents and the links but 
unfortunately I am not much of an artist. So I would like to ask you guys if 
one of you could kindly volunteer to create a Ubuntu-SG logo for the site?

                 I am happy to add you as the Administrator of the site since 
you will need to update the images. As for the content , we will update them 
as we go along. If you would like to volunteer for it , pls kindly email to 
me @ billy at ubuntu.sg. Thank you very much.


PS: I recently found a terminal emulator called "yakuake" which is a drop-down 
emulator which can be hide or unhide with f12. I find it very handy since I 
do not need to open a terminal windows all the time. :P

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