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Maung Myat Thu @ Billy A.M billyam at linuxasia.org
Fri Oct 13 01:59:51 UTC 2006

Hi Kerwin ,

               Thanks for your feedbacks. I am not brave , trust me.
Ubuntu is THE most famous/popular/used Linux distro in the
world and Dapper brought the enterprise version with 5
years support. It is going somewhere. I have been using
Ubuntu since it came out and monitoring it ever since.

               As for the website , I too thought the same way as you did.
I wasn't sure about the Mark's trip here , I can't find it
on strait times site either. As for esys its easier , I
know sanjeev , who is from esys. He holds the treasurer
position in exco. We can try but we need more people before
we can talk to them. Of course , if you know someone else
in esys pls tell us too so we got more options.

               So this is what I am going to do now. Get the site up ..
Ubuntu.sg sounds right.Soon it should be up.I got a web
hosting account with 2 addon domains. I be adding this in
and put a forum or something. We will see what to put later
wiki/forum/blog anything.

Thanks a lot for the feedback Kerwin.


> Hi Billy,
> You're a brave man - I wouldn't have the guts to be organizing/leading
> this kind of thing 8-)
> I think having some kind of web page would be good. It may not get
> updated very often, but at least it would be a starting point for
> anyone searching for "Ubuntu in Singapore" context. Some suggestions
> on initial material - I recall Mark Shuttleworth was in SG earlier
> this year. Is there an article floating around? LUGS archive should
> have something. Another possible article could be one on eSys, which
> is supposedly selling machines with Ubuntu pre-installed. Perhaps
> their Ubuntu people would be interested in this list? It will be like
> community tech support for them.
> One more suggestion, but this may be out of line... Any thoughts of
> temporarily merging with one of our larger neighbors, say Ubuntu
> Malaysia? At least until the SG group grows to critical mass. But as I
> said perhaps this suggestion is out of line.
> Anyway, glad that the group has started...
> Regards,
> Kerwin
> On 10/12/06, Maung Myat Thu @ Billy A.M <billyam at linuxasia.org> wrote:
>> Hi Guys ,
>>           Thank you so much for joining the mailing list. Currently
>> there
>> are only 3 of us. Hopefully there will more. Since there are
>> just 3 of us , I would like to get your opinions on a few of my
>> goals for the team.
>>            First , do we need a dedicated website? I ask because I can
>> see
>> we won't have time to update the website and so on. It will
>> just be an another dead website out of millions on the web. We
>> won't also have as many members like other Ubuntu teams , such
>> as Ubuntu Indonesia or Ubuntu Malaysia. So taken all of these
>> into account , I don't think we should have a website , but pls
>> give feedback on that.
>>             I am also thinking of looking around to secondary schools to
>> give talk on Ubuntu. Of course , we will also be talking about
>> general Linux issues as well. So could you guys give your
>> feedbacks? Thank you very much.
>> regards
>> billy
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