[Ubuntu-SG] Welcome to Ubuntu-SG

Maung Myat Thu @ Billy A.M billyam at linuxasia.org
Thu Oct 12 13:40:38 UTC 2006

Hi Guys ,

          Thank you so much for joining the mailing list. Currently there
are only 3 of us. Hopefully there will more. Since there are
just 3 of us , I would like to get your opinions on a few of my
goals for the team.

           First , do we need a dedicated website? I ask because I can see
we won't have time to update the website and so on. It will
just be an another dead website out of millions on the web. We
won't also have as many members like other Ubuntu teams , such
as Ubuntu Indonesia or Ubuntu Malaysia. So taken all of these
into account , I don't think we should have a website , but pls
give feedback on that.

            I am also thinking of looking around to secondary schools to
give talk on Ubuntu. Of course , we will also be talking about
general Linux issues as well. So could you guys give your
feedbacks? Thank you very much.


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