[Ubuntu-SG] FYI : Formation of Ubuntu-SG Team

Maung Myat Thu @ Billy A.M billyam at linuxasia.org
Wed Oct 11 12:32:30 UTC 2006

Fellow Linux Lovers,

                     I am sure you are all aware of a great Linux distro
called Ubuntu that is taking the OSS world by storm.
It is very user-friendly ,very stable and fast. It
has many local groups around the world yet not one in
Singapore , until now.

          Currently the group , Ubuntu-SG , isn't in the approved list on
the wiki , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList. But I have
successfully managed to ask for the mailing list on the
Ubuntu.com site. I have also secured #ubuntu-sg on the freenode
and started a wiki page of its own,

          The goal of the team is to advocate the usage of Ubuntu Linux in
Singapore and to introduce new users to Linux via Ubuntu.

          I would like to welcome everyone on the list who is or are
thinking of using Ubuntu Linux to join the Team Ubuntu Singapore
in advocating this great distro here. Thank you very much.

Ubuntu-SG Info..

Mailing List wiki : https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-sg
Mailing List Email : ubuntu-sg at lists.ubuntu.com
Wiki Page : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SingaporeTeam
Irc Channel : #ubuntu-sg @ freenode irc network

If you have any feedbacks or questions , pls feel free to email me
directly or to the ubuntu-sg mailing list.


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