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Mark Philip markjohnphilip at yahoo.com.sg
Mon Dec 18 02:50:50 UTC 2006

Hi Billy,
Thanks for the email blast. Have been busy with work (using Windows, unfortunately), and haven't had much time to play with Ubuntu.. Do keep the emails flowing, guys...

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On Friday 15 December 2006 08:49, Chen Xiangpeng wrote:
> Hi people,
> I'm new here :) Anyway, I am a gfx/web designer and dev by profession. I
> can help out with the gfx. Any specs for it?
> XP

Hi Xiangpeng ,

                          Welcome to usually very quiet mailing list of 
Singapore Ubuntu Team :P. Actually I have no idea how the logo will look like 
but one of my ideas is to have a logo where we have a circle and inside there 
will be three words "Singapore" and "Ubuntu" "Team" flowing like a waterfall.

I am not sure you get this correctly but this is what I am thinking of.


in a circle. Pls tell us your idea/comment on it and if you have any other 
ideas , pls share them with us too. 

Also , I am still thinking whether we should call ourselves "Singapore Ubuntu 
Team" , "Ubuntu Singapore Team" , Team Ubuntu Singapore" or "Team Singapore 
Ubuntu". So if anyone has any comments on the name , pls give us your thought 
on it.

Oh , and Xiangpeng , pls email to the list next time so that everyone can join 
in the conversation :P Cheers!! and thank you so much for offering your help.


> Maung Myat Thu @ Billy Aung Myint wrote:
> > Hi Guys ,
> >
> >                  Lately there were a few new people joining this mailing
> > list so I thought I would update you guys on whats going on. As I have
> > mentioned at earlier announcement , our website http://ubuntu.sg is up
> > and running and I was thinking of making it as a news website and also a
> > site where we can point to whoever is interested in Ubuntu.
> >
> >                  I have asked for someone to help with the art work ,
> > basically a logo to replace the joomla logo. I havn't get any reply so
> > far but I am still needing help on this. Also , if you have your own
> > website/blog with ubuntu/linux related articles , pls tell us on the list
> > so I can put a link on the ubuntu.sg.
> >
> >                  Lastly , I would like to welcome those who just joined
> > us this december :P We been very quiet so far so I am trying to make some
> > noise and hoping for some replies. LOL
> >
> > regards
> > billy
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