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> The MRE task cards are now added to Launchpad, and I've confirmed
> they're visible in Pinot.  You'll need to assign yourself and make
> adjustments so they match your plans.
> ---
> The "magic" that makes these bugs show up as MRE cards in Pinot is to
> have 'canonical-server' subscribed, and be tagged needs-mre-backport.
> Having a milestone targeted is important but not strictly required.
> If you need to add more MRE cards, or if you have an existing MRE bug
> report you'd like to use instead of the generated one, that's all that
> should be needed.
> I've generated these with a default description that loosely follows the
> SRU template for convenience, but of course feel free to erase and redo
> all that.  Same with the title - I know each of us has some conventions
> in how we do our MREs, don't feel you have to change your conventions
> just change the bug title as you wish.

Maybe it would be more work than just updating the bugs manually but would
it be possible to have a bug description template for each MRE? Where we
can fill the bug description appropriately for each package (set of
packages). For most MREs we have a template of those bug descriptions in
the exception itself, and we could use them to create the bug with the
"almost correct" content.

> I've set default milestones for all the MREs per the config file as
> discussed up thread, but again please adjust as desired according to
> what you plan.
> Currently I don't have a way of easily customizing which releases a
> given MRE will target, so I've targeted them all to focal, jammy and
> lunar by default.  Please delete or mark as Won't Fix the bug tasks for
> any series your MRE is not going to target.  For example, open-vm-tools
> only backports to the latest LTS, so I've deleted the Focal bug task.
> (In the future maybe I can make this more configurable per-package but
> for now it targets MRES to `ubuntu-distro-info --supported` minus the
> active devel release.)
> You'll note that in addition to the bug tasks for each of the target
> Ubuntu series, they also have the top level general bug task that
> targets mantic.  I haven't tested if it's safe to close that one, even
> though there's obviously no backporting work to do for mantic; it might
> remove the card from the Pinot board, but I'm not sure.  Feel free to
> experiment and/or give feedback; if there are problems I'll investigate
> once I'm back.

Removing the task for the development release seems to not be an issue.

Thanks again for your work on this Bryce!
Lucas Kanashiro.
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