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Tue Jul 11 12:57:36 UTC 2023

Bugs last updated between 2023-07-07 (Friday) and 2023-07-09 (Sunday)
Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 23 bugs

There were two relevant bugs:

LP: #2026307
<> - openssh
- ssh-askpass-gnome pops up for every sudo command
Provided the user with more info on how to do the workaround for their issue

LP: #2026606 <>
- clamav - clamtk showing message The antivirus signatures are outdate…
Explained the clamav-freshclam service to the user and marked as invalid

4 bugs were found untouched in 60 days:

LP: #2018238
<> - postfix
- postfix: autopkgtest fails with saslauthd.service installed
Bug was fixed through a debian sync, marked fix released

LP: #1309079 <> -
grub-legacy-ec2 - Running update-grub-legacy-ec2 doesn't update kernel list
Tracking as a cloud-init github issue now, fine as is

LP: #1852994 <>
- samba - samba creates temporary files in /tmp, but never deletes th…
User never responded for helping to check focal/impish. Marked impish as
wont fix but otherwise the bug is fine as is

LP: #2000672
<> -
sosreport - Missing log files for Ceph iSCSI gateway
Fix was released in Mantic, marked as such

No bugs were found untouched in 180 days.

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Automated Server installa… [Michael Hudson Doyle]
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   └─ 91736 [Dan Bungert]
      └─ 91758 [Zero 0ne]
         └─ +91951 <> [Dan Bungert,
Update from Dan, fine as is
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