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Fri Jul 7 15:42:01 UTC 2023

Bugs last updated on 2023-07-06 (Thursday)
Date range identified as: "Friday triage"
Found 15 bugs

There was one relevant bug:

LP: #2026307
<> - openssh
- ssh-askpass-gnome pops up for every sudo command
Confirmed and found a workaround for the issue

No bugs were found untouched in 60 or 180 days.

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*About web servers [Sally Makin, 2023-07-06]
*Ubuntu Server explanatio… [Sally Makin, 2023-07-06]
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*How to install and confi… [Sally Makin, 2023-07-06]
Updates from Sally, fine as is.

Automated Server installa… [Michael Hudson Doyle]
└─ +91733 [Zero 0ne, 2023-07-06]
   └─ *91736 [Dan Bungert, 2023-07-06]
      └─ +91758 <> [Zero 0ne,
Dan solved this user's issue, nothing to do
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