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Paride Legovini paride at
Thu Jan 12 15:16:35 UTC 2023

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Bugs last updated on 2023-01-11 (Wednesday)
Date range identified as: "Thursday triage"

# SNMP fails to resolve domains when DNS record is longer than 64 characters

Had a fix in -proposed but it's now superseded by a security update.
Lena is driving this and I believe she's got the notification, so I
took no action here.

# error in rsync protocol data stream

I can't reproduce this one but I identified a candidate fix.
I asked affected users if they're willing to verify the fix
works installing a test package from a PPA.

I left this one as Confirmed for now.

# SSSD is not recognizing the "ldap_user_object_class" configuration,
# and attempting to search based on "posixAccount"

Upstream helped debugging this one. The user claims /etc/nsswitch.conf
had unexpected changes after installing some packages, and provided
steps to reproduce. I followed those but could *not* reproduce the
issue. Asked for more info and marked Incomplete.

# no ping response on all hosts after upgrade

Missing verification after 90 days. I'm pinging around.

# update fails on cloud server (invoke-rc.d restart failed)

This is was I called a security regression in my past triage round.
Turns out (thanks seth-arnold for finding out) that multipath-tools
doesn't handle upgrades when some kernel modules are missing, which
can happen with custom kernel (affected users are Linode users).
To be decided how we want to treat this. Tagged server-triage-discuss.

# dsctriage

There are changes but from team members. Nothing to triage.


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