Friday Bug Triage Report (2022-10-07)

Michał Małoszewski michal.maloszewski at
Fri Oct 7 20:09:40 UTC 2022

Hi all,

My report's been reviewed by Lena, who was in charge of the bug triage that

Bugs last updated on 2022-10-06 (Thursday)
Date range identified as: "Friday triage"
Found 8 bugs
* <> - *+(Fix Released) [samba]
            - backup command raises FileNotFoundError*
Nothing to do here, last update from Paride yesterday and Paride knows
about that bug and for sure will receive notifications about that one.

* <> - *+(Confirmed)
 [dnsmasq]           - Duplicate/retried DNS queries fail with REFUSED
(Fixed in u…*Lena's working on it and she's created a merge request
yesterday. Everything is fine. Nothing to do here.

* <> - *+(New)
 [php8.1]            - Please block php8.2 from syncing*Changed status to
Confirmed. Athos is monitoring that one. Nothing to do here.

* <> - (In Progress)
 [sosreport]         - default journalctl plugin to disabled*
Person who added the last recent information on the upstream PR is Arif Ali
from Canonical. Nothing to do here.

* <> - (Confirmed)
 [glusterfs]         - glusterd and glusterfs crashes after dist-upgrade
from foca…*
The bug was review by Paride and I think we should wait for response from
Paride, because the bug reporter added new comment. Is that true, @Paride
Legovini <paride.legovini at>?

* <> - (Triaged)
 [openssh]           - openssh-server should ship a systemd generator to
generate …*
Nothing to do here. Simply a lot of comments added (by experienced devs)
and issue doesn't seem to be abandoned.

* <> - *(Triaged)       [frr]
            - FRR deb packaging regression*
Nothing to do here. Andreas monitors the bug.

* <> - (New)
 [cyrus-sasl2]       - missing httpform plugin for saslauthd*
Lena is going to reproduce that issue and I can take care of the fix at the

Bugs tagged "-needs-merge -needs-sync -needs-oci-update -needs-snap-update
-needs-mre-backport -needs-ppa-backport" and subscribed "ubuntu-server" and
not touched in 60 days
Found 0 bugs
Bugs subscribed to ubuntu-server and not touched in 180 days
Found 0 bugs

Best Regards,
Michał Małoszewski
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