Wednesday bug triage report (2022-10-04)

Athos Ribeiro athos.ribeiro at
Wed Oct 5 12:26:16 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-10-04 (Tuesday)
Date range identified as: "Wednesday triage"
Found 12 bugs - (Incomplete)     [libvirt]           - usb-passthrough of network card not working any more on 22.…
   The reporter provided additional information and is wondering how they could
   help solving the issue. I am not entirely sure how we could proceed given we
   do not have the hardware to reproduce it. - (Incomplete)     [http-parser]       - MIR: libgit2, http-parser
   This is going through an MIR process because it is in the dependency chain of
   cargo. It is in main in bionic (it is a dependency of sssd-common there). I
   wonder if this is a corner case for the recent "let's not co-maintain"
   packages (or reduce co-maintenance) in different teams. In any case, I
   suppose we can stop watching this one after bionic's end of standard support. - *(Triaged)       [dovecot]           - doveadm requires read access to SSL key
   Asked for a simple reproducer. Added to server-todo because the issue
   workaround forces users to add additional permissions to private keys. - (Triaged)        [openssh]           - openssh-server should ship a systemd generator to generate …
   Steve is the reporter and the foundations team is subscribed. However, there
   is no one assigned to the bug. Should we assume Steve/foundations is driving
   this one?

Bugs tagged "-needs-merge -needs-sync -needs-oci-update -needs-snap-update -needs-mre-backport -needs-ppa-backport" and subscribed "ubuntu-server" and not touched in 60 days
Found 1 bugs - (In Progress)    [mysql-8.0]         - mysql server crashes with port 3306 already in use
   It seems there is an upload waiting for an SRU review. Not touching this one.

Bugs subscribed to ubuntu-server and not touched in 180 days
Found 0 bugs

Athos Ribeiro

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