Monday Bug Triage Report

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Mon May 23 22:24:01 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated between 2022-05-20 (Friday) and 2022-05-22 (Sunday) inclusive
Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 32 bugs

Most of those were metadata updates, really just two of note:

LP: #1974262 - (New) [xen]    - Ubuntu 20.04 Xen Dom0 Cannot Boot
- Known issue (e.g. LP: #1854575, #1956166) but user is suggesting a
  packaging change to workaround the issue.  Since xen is universe, I
  recommended forwarding the idea to Debian.

LP: #1975399 - (New) [squid]  - FATAL FwdState::noteDestinationsEnd exception: opening()
- Request to backport a set of patches to fix random crashes.  I think for
  SRUability we are going to at least need steps defined to reproduce
  crash and/or validate the fix, so asked reporter to help define those.

not touched in 60 days
Found 6 bugs

LP: #1959896 - +(New)           [frr]               - Resolve strncmp warnings
- There is an upstream fix, that switches from strncmp to strcmp.
  (I wonder if strncmp might be safer than strcmp despite the warning?)
  This should be resolved with upcoming merge, so I've mentioned it on
  the merge card's bug report.

LP: #1964141 - +(Triaged)       [libp11]            - Wrong certificate returned if multiple certs have same labe…
- We were waiting on an upstream fix, which there is now: Four commits
  changing +162/-27 lines that landed last Dec.
  Tagged server-todo for someone to consider doing the patch backports.

LP: #1872145 - +(Triaged)       [openssh]           - explicit key offered after all agent keys, auth can fail be…
- Still no further activity upstream, and just a wishlist on our end.
  So I think this can continue to remain in the backlog for now.

LP: #1703821 - +(New)           [apparmor]          - Dovecot and Apparmor complains at operation file_inherit
also:        - +(Triaged)       [dovecot]          
- Low priority bitesize backport for bionic.
  Can continue to live in backlog for now.

LP: #1930393 - +(Triaged)       [clamav]            - any local user can shut clamd down via control socket
- Continues to await progress upstream; not much else we can do on it.
  Can continue to live in backlog for now.

not touched in 180 days
Found 4 bugs

LP: #1948357 - (Triaged)        [openssh]           - sshd have no USER_LOGOUT audit event
- Already was considered on server-todo but didn't look SRUable.
  Can continue to live in backlog for now.

LP: #1883469 - (Triaged)        [sssd]              -  idmap_sss: improve man page
- Only affects bionic and is docs-only; not SRUable alone.
  Can continue to live in backlog for now.

LP: #1883577 - (Triaged)        [lm-sensors]        - column layout in sensors is broken for voltages  of 1000.00…
- Entirely just cosmetic, not something we'd fix.
  Was left open for community/reporter to forward.
  No response, so gone ahead and marked wontfix.

LP: #1934997 - (Triaged)        [sssd]              - Authentication fails after upgrading sssd to 2.2.3-3ubuntu0…
- Was blocked on upstream, but there's a fix landed now, which sounds
  like it will be included in 2.7.
  I've mentioned this on the merge card's bug report to look at along
  with the merge.

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