Tuesday bug triage report (2022-05-16)

Lucas Kanashiro lucas.kanashiro at canonical.com
Tue May 17 20:23:41 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-05-16 (Monday)
Date range identified as: "Tuesday triage"
Found 39 bugs

Most of the bugs showed up because of some activity in the merge bugs (this
is a bug in ustriage AFAIK) and also yesterday's triage. Some comments

# https://pad.lv/1973137 - (New)            [openldap]          -
ldap_do_free_request: Assertion `lr->lr_refcnt == 1' failed

According to the bug reporter, in jammy, openldap is taking longer to
handle requests. Maybe there is a patch upstream to improve this situation.
Since this is not crashing anything I set the importance to Low and
subscribed ubuntu-server.

# https://pad.lv/1831441 - +(Triaged)       [samba]             - Please
add WS-Discovery ( WSD ) support for Windows Samba s…

This is a bug in the backlog not touched in 60 days. The wsdd package made
its way into jammy, I asked there what are the next steps to understand
what we want to accomplish keeping the bug open.

# https://pad.lv/1641305 - (Confirmed)      [mysql-5.5]         - apparmor
configuration for mysqld is not complete

This is a bug in the backlog not touched in 180 days. Since mysql-5.5 is
available only in trusty, I set it to Won't Fix. But the LP package
overview page says it is still supported, likely because of ESM, do we want
to keep tracking those bugs? Or can we mark it as Won't Fix?

Lucas Kanashiro.
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