Tuesday bug triage report (2022-05-02)

Lucas Kanashiro lucas.kanashiro at canonical.com
Tue May 3 20:56:17 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-05-02 (Monday)
Date range identified as: "Tuesday triage"
Found 14 bugs

Some comments below:

# https://pad.lv/1959581 - *(New)           [ocfs2-tools]       - OCFS2
intermittently not mountable on a second Node in Ubun…

This bug came back again with more information from the reporter. The same
behavior was reported to Debian and the conclusion there is that the issue
was in linux, there is a specific commit that needs to be added. I am not
sure about linux builds for Oracle cloud, we need to check if we are also
missing this commit.

# https://pad.lv/1971161 - (New)            [qemu]              - KVM:
entry failed, hardware error 0x80000021

This at least seems like a valid bug but I was not able to reproduce it
locally because I do not have a Jammy system in hand. Same situation that
Sergio mentioned in his last report. Maybe Christian could take a quick

# https://pad.lv/1742761 - (Triaged)        [net-snmp]          - Drop
dh-apport to reduce delta with Debian

This is a bug not touched in 180 days and I think we should consider it
when doing the merge for this cycle (kinetic). Bryce, could you please link
this bug to the net-snmp merge bug?

Lucas Kanashiro.
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