PHP for KK cycle (was Re: Merge Opportunities Report - 2022-05-02)

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Tue May 3 04:23:05 UTC 2022

Hi Athos,

Following on from our discussion about PHP this morning, now that KK is
open I looked over the merge report for PHP bits.  Below is a braindump
of what tasks I think there are:

> cacti                           1.2.16+ds1-2ubuntu1       1.2.19+ds1-2         Bryce Harrington
> mediawiki                       1:1.35.5-1ubuntu3         1:1.35.5-2           Bryce Harrington
> php-cache-tag-interop           1.0.1-1ubuntu1            1.1.0-1              Utkarsh Gupta
> phploc                          7.0.2-1ubuntu1            7.0.2-2              Bryce Harrington
> rainloop                        1.14.0-3ubuntu1           1.16.0+dfsg-1        Bryce Harrington
> php-pear                  1:1.10.13+submodules+notgz+2022032202-2 1:1.10.12+submodules+notgz+20210212-1ubuntu3

The above packages IIRC are leaf apps, that should be relatively
straightforward merges.  Hopefully in some cases the delta can be
dropped and the package sync'd.  I'd suggest prioritizing them just to
get them out of the way before anything crazy hits.

> composer                        2.1.12-1ubuntu1           2.2.6-2              Bryce Harrington
> php-pecl-http                   4.0.0+3.2.4+2.6.0-0+deb11u1ubuntu1 4.2.1+php8-2         Bryce Harrington
> php-parser                      4.13.1-1ubuntu2           4.13.2-1             Bryce Harrington
> php-console-commandline         1.2.1-1ubuntu4            1.2.4-2              Bryce Harrington

This set includes some packages that had some transition issues last
cycle since other stuff depends on them.  However, the merges themselves
should not be difficult, and possibly in some cases we can drop the
delta (often I just was disabling tests).  The effort on these will most
likely be autopkgtest debugging and/or patch work; if it's anything more
complex than that feel free to bump the task to me.

> doctrine                        2.8.4+dfsg-1ubuntu2       2.11.1+dfsg-1        Bryce Harrington
> php-doctrine-cache              1.10.2-2ubuntu1           2.1.1-3              Utkarsh Gupta
> php-symfony-contracts           2.4.0-1ubuntu2            2.5.0-2              Utkarsh Gupta
> php-symfony-security-acl        3.1.1-1ubuntu2            3.2.0-1              Bryce Harrington
> symfony                         5.2.6+dfsg-1ubuntu7       5.4.4+dfsg-1         Bryce Harrington

The doctrine/symfony ecosystem was a big challenge last cycle, you
may remember all my complaints about circular dependencies.
Unfortunately, skipping merges will merely make future work that
much harder, so this is best to tackle sooner rather than later.

Since these are more complicated, and since I am more up on what's what
with these, why don't I deal with these this cycle.  I'll try to get
them into a sensible state, or leave docs, so if they need merged again
next cycle hopefully the work will be more straightforward.

> phpunit                         9.5.10-1ubuntu2           9.5.13-1             Bryce Harrington

Almost everything in PHP depends on phpunit for running their
testsuites, and a couple times in the past this has been an involved
effort: Changed or deprecated test behavior can require widespread
updates to test cases on a bunch of PHP packages.  I think we're lucky
this had some delta and did not sync in directly.  The good news is once
you learn the php test change "patterns" the work tends to be fairly
rote.  And going from 9.5.10 to .13 is (hopefully) just a minor update
without any conflicting changes.  But I vote holding off on this for the
time being, and maybe dealing with it once most of the other items on
this list are squared away.


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