Monday Bug Triage Report

Lena Voytek lena.voytek at
Mon Mar 28 18:02:54 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated between 2022-03-25 (Friday) and 2022-03-27 (Sunday)
Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 7 bugs

Of these bugs, most were status updates and just needed to be subscribed to
Two new bugs did show up though:

LP: #1966591 - New [openssh] - ssh-keygen -R changes known_hosts file
permissions (mode)
I confirmed this one is an issue on focal and bionic. It is fixed in impish
and jammy though so the fix should be straightforward. Added to server-todo.

LP: #1966610 - New [smartmontools] - smartctl assert failure: free():
invalid pointer
I was unable to reproduce this one after running the command against my
nvme drives 20 times. I asked if the reporter had any additional info and
if they could provide a crash file to debug.

4 bugs were found that were not touched in 60 days

LP: #1696800 - (New) [python-s3transf…]  - S3 upload of empty files fails
Since this is fixed in Jammy I asked if there are still plans for

LP: #1912750 - (Triaged) [samba] - samba-tool domain provision crash with
password hash userPassword schemes" parameter
Checked the commit history of samba in focal, impish, and jammy and it
seems that this is fixed. I didn't have a quick way to reproduce though so
I left a comment.

LP: #1916562 - (Triaged) [sssd] - libnss-sss removes config when not being
Re-triaged and confirmed this is still an issue in focal, impish, and jammy

LP: #1955588 - (Triaged) [samba] - Panic or segfault in Samba
Left as is, no additional info was provided by the user but it is still
worth being subscribed to

No bugs were found untouched in the last 180 days.
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