Triage report for 2022-07-20

Paride Legovini paride at
Thu Jul 21 12:28:43 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-07-20 (Wednesday)
Date range identified as: "Thursday triage"
Found 24 bugs

Basically all bugs are in good hands or in various SRU stages.
Maybe one bug worth mentioning:

LP: #5 -       New           [pmdk]              - Static library
libpmem.a has undefined symbols on Ubuntu 22.04

The bug comes from and is about libpmem.a (from
libpmem-dev) having some ndctl_* undefined symbols (which come from
libndctl). In my opinion this is not-a-bug, and I replied accordingly,
but you may want to check my understanding of static libraries.

Bug marked Incomplete, not added to our work queues.


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