Monday Bug Triage

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Tue Jul 12 03:44:45 UTC 2022

Only a handful of bugs this time, all but one of which are either in
process or already handled.  Only one requiring attention was:

LP: #1908638  mounts to polydirs not working

This is fixed in Debian and the fix has sync'd in.  The issue affects
focal and jammy, but it's a low priority issue so doesn't sound like SRU
material.  However, just in case I added the two bug tasks (as low
priority) and identified the fix that would need backported.

There is also one untouched bug, which now has an upstream fix:

LP: #1952531  samba: Access Time of File is set to far future

This is said to be fixed upstream, and in Debian with 4.16.0+dfsg-1
which is merged for kinetic.  It presumably affects focal and jammy but
don't know if it's SRU-able.  I've tagged it server-team-discuss for
Wednesday to see if it needs added to server-todo.


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