Server Bug triage Monday 7th feb 2022

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Mon Feb 7 10:05:46 UTC 2022

today's bug triage presented to me 18 bugs of which most looked under
control and on a way to be resolved.

Out of the recent cases here a few worth to mention

Keepalived - Doesnt regain quorum when tracked process restarts Edit
Bug with an upstream fix that we should backport, I've triaged and
assigned Lucas to complete the triage in case there is any
context-expert overruling of my assumptions.

Rsync - rsync hangs on select(5, [], [4], [], {60, 0} Edit
Miriam found the case and an upstream fix, she also grabbed this to
prepare an SRU \o/

Openssh - SSH 1.99 clients fail to connect to openssh-server
SEG picked up a fix that I had prepared almost two years ago. Back
then this died by a lack of community participation, but SEG brought
the need to continue on this case.

Exim4 - PROXY feature not compiled i
This is a request for new features, Bryce correctly suggested to
handle this together in Debian but it seems nothing happened. We might
need to help to carry over the request.


Long term bugs not touched for a while and worth to mention

squid - squid does not accept WCCP of Cisco router since 3.5.27
Sergio did the initial work and tracks upstream, but there seems to be
no recent progress on anymore :-/

mysql - Cannot connect anymore to Azure Database for MySQL with 8.0.27
This is about a regression in release by a security update that breaks
Focal<->Azure Database
Unfortunately upstream/Microsoft seem to have settled on now being incompatible
There is an Azure DB "Flexible Server" instead of "Single Server"
which will work, but I'm unsure how to handle that from Ubuntu's POV.
Lars/Robie/Lena (for mysql) and Marc (for security) do you have
opinions/guidance on next steps for that?


General bug triage for mysql

We have never really completed :-/
Nowadays we still have a lot of common cases to duplicate and the old list being
no more is helpful.
I've used the heat ordered last cases on mysql-8.0 to look for
duplicate candidates
But I wonder if we should revamp or remove that wiki page and what
else wed want to come up as the need to find mysql bugs to duplicate
new cases to is a common one.

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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