Triage report (for: 2022-02-03)

Paride Legovini paride at
Thu Feb 3 12:02:07 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated on 2022-02-02 (Wednesday)
Date range identified as: "Thursday triage"
Found 14 bugs

Worth mentioning triage-wise are:


LP: #1951490 [samba] - Can't print after update to 4.13

Security will try preparing a PPA with the upstream 4.14 patch
backported to 4.13 for the affected users to test.


LP: #1954854 [bind9] bind 9.16.1-ubuntu on ubuntu 20.04 randomly exits
with segfault signal

This is the one we discussed yesterday. I prepared a PPA with Jammy's
version built on Focal for the user to verify. If it does crash can can
follow-up upstream with this one.

If it does not crash, then some upload between Focal and Jammy fixed it,
but I clarified that without a reproducer that doesn't take two weeks on
his specific setup I doubt we'll be able to figure out which
version/change actually fixed the bug.


One stale bug:

LP: #1926265 -     Triaged       [openldap]          - slapd enter in
infinite loop on sched_yield syscall

No updates on this one; I quote Sergio's last assessment on the
situation. I marked the devel release task as Fix Released.


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