Wednesday Triage Report (2022-04-27)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Thu Apr 28 02:25:23 UTC 2022

ustriage found 16 bugs.  These are the noteworthy ones:

### - (New) [libvirt] - [daily
    jammy-live-server-amd64] Hangs at start of VM instal…

Seems like a valid bug (reproduce by Dan Bungert), and smells like
something related to libvirt.  I'm subscribing Christian to it because
maybe it rings a bell, but I understand he's very busy so please let us
know if you need a hand with this one.

### - (Confirmed) [sg3-utils] - hit issue with
    script in VM with image u…

Lucas is trying to obtain the resources to test this; meanwhile, I left
a comment asking the reporter to provide whatever logs he thinks are
useful (given the fact that he mentioned there's a crash happening).

### - (New) [autofs] - autofs fails to mount nfs4
    shares with error 0x3 getting po…

Seems like a valid bug that's been reported and addressed upstream, but
I haven't been able to reproduce it so far.  I intend to work on this so
I tagged the bug as server-todo and assigned it to myself.  Will keep
trying to reproduce the problem tomorrow.

### - (New) [strongswan] - AppArmor profile
    prevents DNS Servers from being added to r…

The problem reported by the user has also been reported on Debian a
while ago, and Christian even commented on it there.  It's valid, but I
agree with Christian that the fix could introduce a security risk.
Marked the bug as Triaged (even though I haven't tried to reproduce it
locally), subscribed ubuntu-server and tagged it as server-todo.  I
believe it's worth taking a closer look even if it's just to decide that
we won't fix it.

Bugs subscribed to ubuntu-server and not touched in 180 days
Found 1 bugs

### - (Triaged) [ruby2.7] - ruby2.7 ftbfs on
    ppc64el using GCC 11.2

Targeted the bug to Impish, where it's still valid.  Not holding my
breath to see this one fixed, since Impish will EOL in less than 2
months and we don't ship ruby2.7 in Jammy anymore.

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