Monday bug triage

Utkarsh Gupta utkarsh.gupta at
Mon Apr 11 10:30:57 UTC 2022

Bugs last updated between 2022-04-08 (Friday) and
                          2022-04-10 (Sunday) inclusive
Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 26 bugs

  LP: #1246924 - +(Triaged) [qemu]  - qemu not built with
  GlusterFS support
  LP: #1894618 - +(In Progress) [samba] - samba vfs glusterfs
  shares do not work because…

Reviewed the two MPs associated with it. \o/

  LP: #1968228 - *+(Confirmed) [php7.4] - RTD collision with

Added server-todo and cpc-newcomer[1] tag. Patch on a plate to
be SRU'd.

  LP: #1955347 - (Incomplete) [rsync] - rsync works bad with
  encfs now

Set to "Invalid" as it turned out that the bug is not in the
package itself. Further, commented a possible solution to this.

  LP: #1968200 - (New) [squid] - squid (GnuTLS flavour) links
  with OpenSSL libs

Hm, seems valid but pinged (and subscribed) Sergio on
#ubuntu-server to take a quick look at it.

Bugs tagged "[...]" and subscribed "ubuntu-server" and not
touched in 60 days

Found 2 bugs

  LP: #1894190 - +(In Progress) [net-snmp] - snmpd starts
  before the network stack is fully online (netw…

The bug is (self-)assigned to Sergio and the status is
"In Progress" so asked for a status update (albeit I know
it myself but just to keep the history on the bug! :D)

  LP: #1921378 - +(In Progress) [mysql-8.0] - mysql server
  crashes with port 3306 already in use

The bug is (self-)assigned to Lena and the status is
"In Progress" so asked for a status update for the history
sake (again!).

- u

[1]: I'd like to add this new tag to the existing set of
     tags as an effort of guiding more CPC folks to distro
     side of things. I'll document this further later on.

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