Triage report - Tuesday 12th October

Matthew Ruffell matthew.ruffell at
Wed Oct 13 05:40:44 UTC 2021

On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 4:43 AM Sergio Durigan Junior
<sergiodj at> wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 12 2021, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> > # SSSD tls issues
> >
> > This is worked on by @Matthew Ruffell and @Athos Ribeiro ,
> > unfortunately the feedback on the test fixes provided so far say that
> > we didn't find the solution yet, maybe time to revisit the case again.
> FWIW, I am keeping an eye on this one.  I know Matthew is on top of it,
> so I'm just monitoring for now.  Matthew, let me know if you need any
> help with this one.

To be honest I was quite surprised that the test packages didn't work, as
I was quite confident that I had located the fix upstream, since the user's
logs seem to match the upstream issue exactly. Not a problem, I will go
back to doing some more research, and maybe build the user's a test
package on current sssd master.

I'll try get to it in the next few days, but it might be pushed to next week
since I will be on PTO Fri-Mon, back Tuesday, and I am currently deep
in working an interesting and very high priority KVM kernel bug with

I'll be sure to let you know if I get stuck and need some help.


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