Friday bug triage

Utkarsh Gupta utkarsh.gupta at
Fri Oct 1 10:44:24 UTC 2021

Bugs last updated on 2021-09-23 (Thursday)
Date range identified as: "Friday triage"
Found 21 bugs

I forgot to send this report last week.
Only two bugs worth mentioning:

  LP: #1944505 - (New) [mysql-8.0] - package
  mysql-server-8.0 8.0.26-0ubuntu0.20.04.2
  failed to install/upgrade: [...]

Amongst the same bugs we get. Marked it as
Incomplete and asked for more information.

  LP: #1944701 - (New) [qemu] - tpm_passthrough
  is not working

Had subscribed Christian earlier and he
already replied.

- u

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