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Utkarsh Gupta utkarsh.gupta at canonical.com
Fri May 28 09:12:07 UTC 2021


On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 4:03 AM Bryce Harrington
<bryce.harrington at canonical.com> wrote:
> To keep the page clean I'm deleting details once packages transition, but
> if you're interested in those details they are in the page history.  For
> the most part, solutions are generally "pull from Debian experimental"
> (like I said you've done most of the groundwork already!)  But beyond
> that some other notes:
>   - php-apcu-bc appears to be getting dropped with php8.  We've had to
>     adjust a few things that still depended on it, and then will drop it
>     from the archive.
>   - php-doctrine-cache needed some adjustments to get it happy with
>     php8 (See 1.10.2-2ubuntu1.)

A few more things need some patches to get everything working, I'll
submit them to Debian once it's all settled here.

> Remaining work items still TBD:
>   - owfs feels like it's not gotten its php8 updates yet?

I've been looking at owfs (w/ William). owfs uses swig to build the
PHP extension. So if you notice, there's swig -php7 being called and
if PHP7 isn't available, it falls back to -php (which is aliasing for
php5). Olly (upsteram of swig) has written a patch for supporting PHP8
in swig and it's merged but the release is due. Once that happens,
getting to build owfs shouldn't be very hard, since I've looked into
the patch and it makes sense, et al. Another nice thing is that the
newer swig (whenever it's released) also maps known PHP interfaces to
zend_class_entry*, this should also help with the owfs build, I
believe. MapServer also suffers through the same issue, so probably
both should be fixed (along the same lines, hopefully) whenever a
newer swig is out. I've also asked swig to do a release, too :)

Hope that helps.

- u

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