Monday bug Triage

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Wed May 19 16:27:39 UTC 2021

On Wednesday, May 19 2021, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:

> LP: #1927980 - smartmontools
> An ongoing discussion between Sergio and the reporter - no further
> Team-action ATM, but if I read it correctly it waits for Sergio to
> guide next steps.

I can certainly try to guide the user there, but I just did the initial
triage of the bug :-).  You (or anyone else who happens to be triaging
when this bug pops up again) are totally welcome to further comment on
it, FWIW!  (Especially because it doesn't seem like a bug that should be
fixed in Ubuntu, so it likely won't be marked as server-next).


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