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Fri Jul 23 16:42:14 UTC 2021


On Fri, Jul 23, 2021 at 1:15 PM Utkarsh Gupta <utkarsh.gupta at>

> 5. LP: #1937316 - (New) [ubuntu-advantage-tools] - Cannot
>    download source packages provided by Ubuntu ESM
> Pinged the other squad which looks at ua-tools, so they'll
> look at this one. We didn't do anything to the bug.
FWIW, this is a known issue. The credentials to download packages from ESM
are stored in a 0600 root:root file, so normal non-root users cannot read
them, which means the apt-get source command must be run as root. I'm
pretty sure there is a bug about this already, still open. My suggestion
would be for people affected by this to create a group and chmod 0640
root:<group> that file, if they want non-root users to download ESM source
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