Tuesday bug triage report

Lucas Kanashiro lucas.kanashiro at canonical.com
Tue Jul 20 19:12:09 UTC 2021

Bugs last updated on 2021-07-19 (Monday)
Date range identified as: "Tuesday triage"
Found 16 bugs

Most of bugs are taken care of by others, just one to mention here:

https://pad.lv/1936831 - (New)            [libvirt]        - libvirt ACPI
on unsupported machine
-> Subscribed Christian to this bug.

Bugs tagged 'server-next' and not touched in 60 days
Found 0 bugs

Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 5 bugs

I added a comment to the bugs with some updates (confirming that it is
still a bug, still waiting on upstream). I'd like to mention the following:

https://pad.lv/1912256 - (New)            [openldap]       - Missing
channel binding prevents authentication to ActiveDirectory
-> I subscribed Sergio in the past to this bug but I think he has been busy
and did not have time to take a look. Just a heads-up.

https://pad.lv/1880443 - (Confirmed)      [targetcli-fb]   - targetcli
fails iscsi setup after upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04
-> This is a bug Rafael was working on and I did some investigation and
confirmed everything in there. Robie, there was a question whether the fix
is SRU-able, could you take a look if this is something that can be done?

Lucas Kanashiro.
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