Wednesday Triage Report (2021-07-07)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Wed Jul 7 19:45:17 UTC 2021

ustriage found 13 bugs.  These are the noteworthy ones:

### - *(Confirmed) [rabbitmq-server] - Upgrade to
    RabbitMQ 3.6.10 causes beam lockup in clustered deployment

This doesn't seem actionable right now, but it's something worth keeping
an eye.

### - (Fix Released) [sssd] - [SRU] Fix GPO
    support in Focal

User is complaining that this fix broke samba authentication for him.  I
got in touch with Didier (responsible for this last sssd upload), who
asked me if I could confirm what the user is reporting.  I will try to
find some time to do this, but it's going to be tough.

### - (Confirmed) [requests] - Unable to build
    from source mongodb-server-core - focal

Confirmed.  The way I see it, we can either (a) remove the
python-requests build-dependency from mongodb, or (b) reintroduce
python-requests to the archive.  I left a comment there with a few
thoughts about each option.

### - (New) [mysql-8.0] - package mysql-server-8.0
    (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: installed mysql-server-8.0
    package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status

Most likely an issue caused by the user.  Left a comment explaining the
rationale and marked as Incomplete.

### - (New) [openvpn] - TCP socket backlog set
    too low (request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port ...)

Verified that the problematic code exists on Bionic and Focal, so I
marked the bug as Triaged.  I haven't tried to reproduce it.  I think
this is a good bug for Athos (the patch is very trivial and ready for
backport, but the reproducer might be a bit tricky), so I'm pinging him
to see if he'd like to work on it.

Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 6 bugs

### - (Confirmed)      [ca-certificates] - SSL trust not system-wide
    also:                  - (Confirmed)      [firefox]        - SSL trust not system-wide
    also:                  - (Confirmed)      [nss]            - SSL trust not system-wide
    also:                  - (Confirmed)      [sssd]           - SSL trust not system-wide
    also:                  - (Confirmed)      [thunderbird]    - SSL trust not system-wide

We got notified because sssd was added to the bug.  I don't have the
time right now to work on it, so I will unfortunately leave the bug as
is (modulo subscribing myself to it).  I don't think the bug will be
forgotten because many people are interested on it and it will likely
pop up again during triage.

### - (New) [mysql-8.0] - MySQL server crashes
    with owncloud file upload

I see that Christian subscribed Robie, Lars and ubuntu-server to it.
I'm assuming that Robie is aware of it, so I didn't do anything.

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