Server Bug Triage - Monday 5th of July

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Mon Jul 5 08:19:33 UTC 2021

todays Triage presented me 14 bugs to look at.

As it is usually the case most of them were already handled and on the way
to be resolved. A few needed a bug state update or a helping comment to lead
people the right way.

One case was interesting and worth sharing:
This is about an issue in Focals Apache in regard to chain verification
through proxy. Athos and Sergio have handled this bug before, now the reporter
was so kind to provide a local repro - I think this can now be worked on and I
added the server-next tag.

One server-next bug was not touched in 60 days:

LP: #1913810 - (Confirmed)      [openssh]        - restart doesn't
test for syntax errors

@Athos / @Andreas - you discussed on this bug. To me it is not entirely clear if
you did you end up with "ok let us just do just restart" (then ideally we'd
assign someone, Athos would you handle this case then?).
Or did it actually mean "we can't just do restart as it breaks stop" in which
case we are stuck waiting for upstream systemd and should drop the server-next
tag for now.

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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