Triage report (2021-07-01)

Paride Legovini paride at
Thu Jul 1 13:16:22 UTC 2021

Ustriage found whopping 33 bugs to look at, luckily most of them due to 
a bug cleanup of old systemd bugs. Most of the other bugs were under 
control, I just marked one as Incomplete:

LP: #1934155 - (New)            [fetchmail]      - fetchmail can no 
longer connect to underwood & gives false error msg (TLS issues)

This is in my opinion not a bug.

I removed a bug from server-next:

LP: #1795420 [keepalived] Keepalived update from 1.2.19 to 1.2.24 breaks 
support for /dev/tcp health check

as it's fixed already in >= Bionic, but while working on this I found 
out that there's another issue preventing the same syntax from working. 
I filed a spin-off bug (marked Triaged/Low):

LP: #1934300 [keepalived] script "</dev/tcp/" relies on 
/bin/sh being bash

and an upstream bug with my findings.


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