Triage report (2021-01-21)

Paride Legovini paride at
Fri Jan 22 15:15:21 UTC 2021

Found 28 bugs with a lot of activity. Interesting ones:

### LP: #1912389 - *(New) [net-snmp] -  [Patch] SIGSEGV: crash when 
certificate contains extension longer than 512 bytes

Confirmed, not very high impact as it happens only when running snmpd in 
debug mode with a cert with an unusually long extension. There's an 
upstream issue and a patch which applies cleanly to the version in 
Hirsute, but the upstream bug hasn't been closed yet, even I think it 
should be. I poked there for confirmation.

I marked the bug as Triaged bug with an Invalid task for Focal, as the 
Focal version of net-snmp doesn't support TLS at all.

### LP: #1891552 - *(Fix Released) [libpam-mount] - Segmentation Fault 
in libpcre2-8-0 when using regex in (cifs) volume

This was marked as Fix Released by the LP janitor as the fix landed in 
Hirsute via Debian (with d/changelog mentioning the LP bug). The bug 
however is still present in Focal.

Patch on a table scenario for Focal, tagged server-next.

### LP: #1889196 - *(Triaged) [sssd] - infinite loop on start if 

I think there's some overlap with LP: #1900642 here. Andreas suggested 
trying to disable the sockets, which are possibly causing a restart loop 
in the described scenario, but the OP didn't provide any feedback yet. I 
think at least some of the other comments are actually about LP: 
#1900642. I asked for more information and set the bug to Incomplete.

### LP: #1908065 - *(Triaged) [sssd] - Invalid SYSLOG_PID for (systemd) 
journal messages

I think this is a systemd bug. Gave my rationale in a comment and added 
a systemd task. The team is subscribed.


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