{Wednesday, Monday, Wednesday} Triage Reports (2020-12-23, 2020-12-28, 2020-12-30)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at canonical.com
Mon Jan 4 15:34:28 UTC 2021

== Wednesday, 2020-12-23 ==

ustriage found 2 bugs, both reported against Samba.  One of them is the
dreaded "Shared files are shown as folders" (LP #1872476), which is
assigned to myself and I've been working on it as time permits.  The
other is Expired.

== Monday, 2020-12-28 ==

ustriage found 8 bugs, but only one New:

### https://pad.lv/1909399 - (New) [ceph-iscsi] - Exception during
    removal of OSD blacklist entries

I wasn't able to configure ceph in a timely manner to try to reproduce
the bug, so I left a comment asking the reporter to provide reproduction
steps.  This seems like a valid & easy bug.  Marked as Incomplete for now.

== Wednesday, 2020-12-30 ==

ustriage found 8 bugs, but only one New:

### https://pad.lv/1909580 - (New) [adcli] - adcli not updating keytabs
    since 0.8.2-1ubuntu1

Duplicate of LP #1906627.


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