Triage report (2021-02-15)

Paride Legovini paride at
Tue Feb 16 11:42:21 UTC 2021

This Monday triage brought:

6 Fix Released
6 Already triaged and moving forward
2 Requested more info and marked Incomplete
3 Expired || Invalid

plus one bug worth mentioning:

LP: #1804334 - (Confirmed)      [mysql-5.7]      - Live/overlayfs 
apparmor DENIED open upper/etc/mysql/conf.d mysql-server-5.7 package 
post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

This is interesting and likely not only concerning MySQL. The AppArmor 
profile does not cover the "live session" use scenario, as files in the 
"upper" overlayfs layer do not match the AppArmor rules. In the specific 
case of this bug report the error is:

apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" info="Failed name lookup - 
disconnected path" error=-13 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" 
name="upper/etc/mysql/conf.d" pid=7515 comm="mysqld" requested_mask="r"

as upper/etc/mysql/conf.d does not match the:

   /etc/mysql/** r

rule. This is in my opinion more a casper issue than an issue with the 
specific package providing the AA profile, so I added a casper task.


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