Monday bug triage

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Tue Dec 7 02:05:02 UTC 2021

Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 19 bugs
As usual, most needed no action, just a couple worth mention:

LP: #1953216 - (New)            [exim4]          - PROXY feature not compiled in
* They're requesting enabling "SUPPORT_PROXY=yes" in the Makefile.  I
  requested they report this to Debian, since Debian will be better
  positioned to decide if/how to handle this.

LP: #1953128 - (New)            [postgresql-14]  - GCC ICE: in create_fix_barrier, at config/arm/arm.c:17891
* Sponsorship request from Simon Chopin, patch-on-plate situation
* Subbed and added to server-next so we can look into this soonish.

LP: #1953218 - (New)            [mysql-8.0]      - package mysql-server-8.0 8.0.27-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 failed to install/upgrade
* The server was repeatedly crashing with a segfault that appears to
  match an unfixed upstream bug.  Linked the bug & updated title.

LP: #1953243 - (New)            [mysql-8.0]      - package mysql-server-8.0 8.0.27-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 failed to install/upgrade
* apt lock issue (two apt processes?) probably not mysql-related
* Apport hook should be modified to not report on apt locking failures

Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 4 bugs
Just one worth mention:

LP: #1912390 - (New)            [net-snmp]       - [Patch] TLS/DTLS: inconsistent allowed_uses behaviour when in debug mode / not in debug mode
* Fix already included in new net-snmp we already plan to merge, but
  unclear if this would be an SRU candidate as well.

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