Monday bug triage report

Lucas Kanashiro lucas.kanashiro at
Mon Apr 26 14:52:25 UTC 2021

Bugs last updated between 2021-04-23 (Friday) and 2021-04-25 (Sunday)
Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 20 bugs - (Confirmed)      [qemu]           - Mouse stops
working when connected usb-storage-device
-> Another user is claiming this is still a bug. I asked for some extra
info but I think Christian will want to take a look. - (New)            [ubuntu-advantage-tools] -
package ubuntu-advantage-tools 19.6~ubuntu14.04.4 failed to
install/upgrade: subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error
exit status 1
-> This bug I forwarded to Lucas Moura who works on this tool and he will
discuss it with his squad.


Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 1 bugs - (Fix Committed)  [openvpn]        - [SRU] OpenVPN
will not reload due to misconfigured .service file

Lucas Kanashiro.
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