Triage report (2020-10-22)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu Oct 22 10:38:27 UTC 2020

Found 7 bugs, most of them well under control. Worth mentioning:

LP: #1900913 - (New)            [mysql-8.0]      - package 
mysql-server-8.0 8.0.21-0ubuntu0.20.04.4 failed to install/upgrade: 
installed mysql-server-8.0 package post-installation script subprocess 
returned error exit status 1

Yes, one of those :-)

I'm mentioning it as the reason for the failure is one I didn't see 
before. It's not yet confirmed by the bug reporter, but I think he ran 
'apt' from the terminal builtin in the 'code' snap (VSCode). The snap 
apparmor rules prevent the postinst script from killing the running mysqld.

 From the user's perspective it is not obvious at all that that terminal 
has limitations.

LP: #1900642 - (Triaged)        [sssd]           - sssd won't start

Now marked rls-gg-incoming, has a patch, not a blocker for Groovy 
release but good SRU candidate.


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