Triage report (2020-11-05)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu Nov 5 12:00:55 UTC 2020

Found 8 bugs. Three bugs (LP: #1901708, LP: #1901830, LP: #1901995) are 
mysql bug related to the unusual time needed by mysql to do its internal 
database upgrade operation. We still don't have a reproducer or in 
general a plan on how to tackle the issue. No clues in the comments.

Normal triage actions for the other bugs (moreinfo requests), none added 
to our work queues.

Other bugs worth mentioning:

LP: #1902109 - (Triaged)        [rsync]          - rsync uses lchmod and 
fails in Ubuntu >= 20.10 if /proc isn't mounted

Interesting because it's a glibc bug. Has upstream bug linked.


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