Triage and Proposed migration - Friday

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Fri May 15 20:46:35 UTC 2020

On Fri, May 08, 2020 at 10:05:52AM +0200, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> ## Proposed migration
> php7.4 blocked on php-parser is known and on Bryce to resolve.

This block cleared this morning.

Looks like it will also need re-triggered for php-defaults, but that
is first going to need a fix to phpmyadmin-sql-parser (test case that
fails on s390), so not worth retriggering until that's fixed.

> Freeradius has grown a dependency to libcollectdclient1
> That causes a component mismatch (collectd is in universe)
> But collectd is a typical package that drags in a lot of other things.
> One has to revisit
> and decide if we want to MIR it now or add delta to freeradius to not
> pull it in.
> Yet this might be less bad than in the past:
>   13   * Reenable collectd integration, it does not pull in the world
> anymore
>   14     on sid, thanks to Bernd Zeimetz (Closes: #948996)
> I added a card to our merge roadmap that we need to look after this.
> memcached is FTFBS on riscv64 and s390x
> This could be quick, I added a card to the TODO lane on the daily
> board and added all of us.
> Whoever gets to it first gains the honor of fixing it.
> chrony on armhf became flaky and blocks other packages every now and then
> I have suggested this to Debian
> to be merged once I look for chrony this cycle and hopefully making
> this stable again.
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