Triage/Migrations report (2020-05-14)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu May 14 16:17:35 UTC 2020

# Triage

24 bugs to look at, I tagged two server-next.

Interesting ones:

## ssh can't call a binary from a snap without the full path

No action required from our side, but this 2017 bug on /snap/bin not
being in PATH when calling the binary via ssh now have a clear cause.

## SNMP stopped running all of sudden (snmpd 5.8+dfsg-2)

Actual bug, fixed upstream. The patch is not completely trivial and has
been patched itself, so I don't consider this a "patch on a table"
scenario. But it's definitely actionable => server-next.

## autofs tries to find .xdg-volume-info and autorun.inf

Looks like it's a mix of different issues. Gut feeling: not a bug. Set
to Incomplete and asked for more information.

## nvme smart error count email after upgrading to 20.04

Reported upstream and in Debian about 1 year ago. No patches proposed.
Right place where to fix is upstream in my opinion.

## needed changes for Micosoft's upcoming LDAP changes in march?

I tagged this server-next as I think it's actionable now, but I'm really
not familiar with sssd.

# Migrations

Top of the list are:

- php-parser: known issue
- bind9-libs: candidate
- freeradius: component mismatch on libcollectdclient1
- requests: regression on gallery-dl on armhf, I think we
  can't expect it to pass for today.
- mysql-8: LP: #1861099


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