Triage and Proposed migration - Friday

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Fri May 8 08:05:52 UTC 2020

## Triage

I got 25 bugs to check,
But also a lot of them from Focal upgraders facing some issues.
A few of them needed quite some time to do the initial verification,
but then were ok.
Interesting cases are:

Bitesize patch on a plate for Xenial, enqueued and waiting for someone
to get to it.
@Sergio - if you are not too busy would you mind giving this a look?

I'm unsure what to do and subscribed Robei and Lars to this one.

## Proposed migration

php7.4 blocked on php-parser is known and on Bryce to resolve.

Freeradius has grown a dependency to libcollectdclient1
That causes a component mismatch (collectd is in universe)
But collectd is a typical package that drags in a lot of other things.
One has to revisit
and decide if we want to MIR it now or add delta to freeradius to not
pull it in.
Yet this might be less bad than in the past:
  13   * Reenable collectd integration, it does not pull in the world
  14     on sid, thanks to Bernd Zeimetz (Closes: #948996)
I added a card to our merge roadmap that we need to look after this.

memcached is FTFBS on riscv64 and s390x
This could be quick, I added a card to the TODO lane on the daily
board and added all of us.
Whoever gets to it first gains the honor of fixing it.

chrony on armhf became flaky and blocks other packages every now and then
I have suggested this to Debian
to be merged once I look for chrony this cycle and hopefully making
this stable again.

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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