Triage report for 2020-05-07 (Thursday triage)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu May 7 16:52:51 UTC 2020

# Triage

19 bugs to look at, only two worth mentioning:

LP: #1871194 - *+(New)          [nagios-nrpe]    - nagios-nrpe-server
fails to launch after reboot

The bug submitter has the nagios user under LDAP, and while AIUI systemd
should support looking up users from LDAP, it is apparently not working
for this user. I suggested giving a shot to libnss-ldapd, as it should
be very easy to test. Incomplete.

LP: #1870818 - (Confirmed)      [apache2]        - apache2 security fix
in 2.4.43

Marked Public Security. The CVEs are tracker in the Ubuntu CVE tracker
with priority: Low.

# Migrations

php7.4 is causing a regression on php-parser, this needs to be
investigated. Blocked in proposed for 12 days now.


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