Triage/Migrations report for 2020-03-23 (Monday triage)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Tue Mar 24 17:27:30 UTC 2020

# Triage

Found 14 bugs, some of them worth mentioning:

LP: #1579803 - (Incomplete)     [samba]          - Kernel 4.4.0-22 crash
with samba 4.3.9

Old bug from 2016 community triaged to Incomplete; I agree with the bug
status change. No action taken.

LP: #1868127 - *(New)           [openvpn]        - OpenVPN will not
reload due to misconfigured .service file

This is tagged server-next but still New; I set it to Triaged as I
believe it's the correct status.

LP: #1868351 - (New)            [genshi]         - Sync genshi 0.7.3-1
(main) from Debian unstable (main)

The package could indeed be synced; wishlist bug. Set it to Triaged as
the report is perfectly understood, but didn't subscribe the team as I
don't think it's a package we manage as a team (fixme if needed).

LP: #1868473 - (New)            [init-system-helpers] - 20.04 Install
screen corrupt on Lenovo P73+NVIDEA RTX-5000

I reassigned this to the casper package. I'm not sure it's the most
appropriate package, but certainly a step forward from init-system-helpers.

LP: #1868363 - (New)            [gpsd]           - /etc/gpsd/device-hook
not actually called

The report is valid and can be solved by configuring the gpsd AppArmor
profile to allow the execution of /etc/gpsd/device-hook. Subscribed the
team and tagged server-next.

# Migrations

No news other than the good news of the ruby migration \o/. The
outstanding packages (php and openssh) are there for known reasons.


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