Triage and migration report - Monday 3/16 & Wednesday 3/18

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Thu Mar 19 02:13:02 UTC 2020

== Proposed Migration ==

Everything in the list is wrapped up in one of the transitions
(ruby|php|icu).  I'll keep focused on getting php cleared.

== Bug Triage ==

Larger than normal triage day today due to being on rotation for Monday
and Wednesday.  Fortunately, quite a few bugs but as usual most needed
no action or were already in progress, several were closable, and some
just needed a tweak or question for more info.  Of the remainder, just
these of note:

LP: #1865818 - (Triaged)        [clamav]         - clamav update failed - default timeout needs a bump (upstream has bumped already)
- Checked focal source code and verified the needed fix is now included.
--> Closed as fixed

LP: #1867460 - (New)            [libvirt]        - [Focal] 'virsh domcapabilities' fails unless 'virsh capabilites' is run first
- Reproduced the problem in lxc
--> Triaged

LP: #1867447 - (New)            [seabios]        - qemu-kvm crashes early during boot on Intel Merom CPU
- My qemu-fu is not strong enough to know how to triage this; it looks
  valid but involves a type of CPU I'm unfamiliar with so not sure this
  is a supported configuration.
--> In any case, just subbed ubuntu-server for now
--> Tagged server-triage-discuss

Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 7 bugs
LP: #1621901 - (New)            [ipmitool]       - impitool lacks support for ipv6 addresses
LP: #1687095 - (Confirmed)      [crmsh]          - crm cluster health does not work: python3-parallax and cluster-glue (hb_report) dependencies

  * Both of the above are wanting SRUs for Xenial, but it's not clear
    what fix would actually need to be packaged.  I am not sure what our
    support policy is right now for Xenial bugs but am suspecting these
    may not qualify and could be kicked out at this point?

LP: #1844672 - (Triaged)        [clamav]         - Source tree vendors bzip2
- Still seems a valid issue, but not sure on next action.  Just leave in
  queue until someone finds time?

LP: #1773324 - (Triaged)        [rabbitmq-server] - [SRU] rabbitmqadmin shows %%VSN%% as version

  * This one is still on my todo list.  Some day I'll get back to it...


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