proposed migration duty - special php edition

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Sat Mar 7 16:34:12 UTC 2020

On Tue, Mar 03, 2020 at 11:01:54PM -0800, Bryce Harrington wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 03, 2020 at 12:38:08PM +0100, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> > Today I tried to fill my compile/test breaks with some help for php7.4 by
> > asking bryce this morning.
> I mostly indulged in non-PHP work today, but have some small updates:

I'm going to try to summarize as many of the outstanding issues as I
know about currently.  This is in rough order of priority as I view it.

* uwsgi-plugin-php:  I *think* this merely needs a no-change rebuild,
  but it's a really oddball package that is somehow generated as a
  subpackage from uwsgi-src.  I asked for advice on #ubuntu-devel.
  How the heck do we build this???

* php-mailparse: Cjwatson helped me diagnose this.  It seems to be just
  a rotten tarball, that needs to be re-packed with '.orig' removed from
  its name, and re-uploaded.

* php-defaults: php-recode/amd64 => unsatisfiable
  > > a) - drop php-recode from php-defaults
  > >    - remove rev-deps src:fusiondirectory and src:gosa
  > >      otherwise update_output will stop you for making them non-installable

  - Based on the discussion with Debian quoted previously in this thread,
    php-recode need to be removed from these two packages.

* phpunit
  > > => But phpunit had further issues.
  > > At least all 39 errors are about the same two things above, so one fix
  > > should do it for all.
  > > =>
  > > But as we learned from other threads in this whole topic there also is a
  > > new phpunit - lets add that as well.
  > > => These tests are still ongoing - I'll reply later
  > I looked a bit at the new 9.0.1 release.  It looks like it removes a
  > fair bit of deprecated functionality.  I think Robie's approach of
  > cherrypicking the actual fix and leaving the merge until later, is the
  > safest approach here.

  - I did a retrigger against the 12 failed packages, with
    all-proposed=1, but no dice, still same packages fail.
  - The excuses page mentions php-codecoverage and phpunit-globalstate
  - This needs more investigation

* php-text-password migration - still building against php7.3
  - Looks like it passed run with all-proposed=1 for phpunit but is
    still blocked in migration.
  - I've retriggered this, hoping our recent progress has cleared its
    dependencies.  I ran it without all-proposed, but with triggers
    against the proposed phpunit and php7.4.

* php-horde-*
  > php-horde-nag
  > php-horde-mnemo
  > php-horde-lz4
  > php-horde-kronolith
  > php-horde-imp
  > php-horde-ansel
  > php-horde-text-filter
  > php-horde-mime

  - Some progress has been made getting these rebuilt for 7.4, but looks
    like additional work is needed.  They might need retriggered against
    phpunit and other things, or may need no-change rebuilds

* php-redis / php-mockery
  - Doesn't block the php migration, but may be affected by it
  - php-mockery probably needs a no-change rebuild.

* php-text-captcha
  - Doesn't block the php migration, but may be affected by it
  - php-text-captcha has no binaries on any arch
  - Maybe this one just needs dropped?

* doctrine / php-doctrine-cache
  - Doesn't block the php migration, but may be affected by it
  - says "Invalidated by dependency"
  - There's a number of *doctrine* packages that may be caught up in

* symphony / php-symphony*
  - Doesn't block the php migration, but may be affected by it
  - Bunch of missing builds; not sure what this needs, but guessing it's
    another "one kick in the right spot" type of thing

* php-lorenzo-pinky
  - Doesn't block the php migration, but may be affected by it

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